And my monkeys are pretty cute.

I am a wife. A mother. A friend. A foster child advocate. A career chaser. A leader. A booger getter outer.




Life is busy and I may be in shock. ; ) I also feel like I am more then what those labels tell you. I could read for days. Almost anything but preferably fiction. I would gladly starve for the sake of a new outfit or the perfect home décor item. That being said I would kill for a cupcake right now. I hate working out. If I am running my kids are probably about to use a sharpie on the walls. I consider pinterest the answer to all of life’s woes. Coffee. Oh. My. God. Its necessary. I cuss. I’m sarcastic. I’m also sensitive and needy and emotional. Sleeping is the best!!! Am I right? I love my kids fiercely. They make me laugh and I annoy my coworkers with stories of how awesome, funny, sweet and crazy they are.

I wish I was better at all of these things and I am sure you can relate. Come visit and see how life grows and changes and what we do to thrive, not just survive.



I am 100% new to blogging. Be gentle.




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