Unexpected Renovations

Oh lord. Where to start.

Two and a half years ago we noticed that the plumbing in the shower needed some work. Easy cheesy. The bathroom was horrible and it had a plastic surround that we wanted to take out eventually. We figured we would put another one up since the bathroom needed a lot of work. Eventually we would tare the whole thing out eventually. Eventually.

This is what I came home to that night…

Bathroom Day 1

So yeah, turns out we were doing a total bathroom reno.

Flash forward 2 1/2 years and here we are today…

Bathroom 2.5

Squeee!!!! Things are moving folks! My father-in-law has been a God send. This man has done 85% of the work for us. We have saved a fortune. That being said, doing a bathroom reno with 3 kids and about 9 foster kiddos in and out is no joke. I repeat, NO JOKE. Also, this bathroom is insanely narrow so the tub was a special order and the vanity was a special order. Sure, a pedestal sink would save a ton of space but I have 5 kids so storage is not something to sneeze at.

Obviously there are still items on the to-do list. The vanity stone has been ordered and cut. Boom! It gets installed this week folks. THIS WEEK. I will have a WORKING SINK by the end of this week. I could die from joy. The best part is that we went to a remnant lot and got a slab of marble (thank you baby Jesus for the super narrow left over piece) at remnant granite prices. Its going to be amaze balls.


It’s called Moon Glow Marble and its my new baby. I could almost die. Unless I seem dramatic, may I remind you its been 2 1/2 years. YEARS.

I have lighting fixtures, mirrors and trim waiting in the wings.

Here is the inspiration for the space. I think good things are happening.

Inset shelf replaces medicine cabinet.//Ask an Expert: Bathroom Renovation Trends:

Ballard Designs Renovation Trends


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