Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way by Robin Gerber


This book fell into my lap as assigned reading for a class I am taking at work. As a young-ish woman in a predominantly male industry, I am lost in my search for a mentor to show me how to make my way in my field. Its a very lonely feeling. This book is blowing my mind. Eleanor Roosevelt’s approach to life and each individual person she came across is oddly refreshing by even today’s standards. Be a woman, be feminine, a mother, a wife but have a voice and use it. Loudly.


The X-Files. I know. Total guilty pleasure. Honestly, I don’t feel that guilty. I was an avid watcher in my younger years and I have been through the entire series more then once on Netflix. When Fox announced they would be doing their six episode  gig I squealed. Out loud. In public. So far it has hit all the right notes. Campy and suspenseful with just enough smolder. Get it.. Scully and Mulder. *sigh. Love them.


Don’t let this disclosure give you the wrong impression… I am not a cook. I rarely choose enough healthy options and I am HORRIBLE at planning my work lunches. This week I am kind of acing it. I am lucky enough to have a ginormous fridge at my disposal and coworkers who keep their mitts to themselves. Monday I was able to stock up for the week and I am eating Spinach Asian Salads every day.

  • 2 cups of raw spinach
  • 1 cup of Asian slaw vegetable mix
  • 1/2 cup of sliced almonds
  • 4 oz. of grilled chicken
  • 2 clementine oranges
  • 2 tbsp. of Asian Vinaigrette



There isn’t much I dread more then bra shopping. 42 DDD’s are rarely cute AND cheap.


I am in a frustrating battle with work attire. My workplace is insanely causal. Like jeans and fleece pullover causal. I don’t do casual well. I’m either in full on work pencil skirts, slacks, blouses and dresses or I am sitting at home in my sweats. Casual Work

This look is going to happen. I can feel it.

What’s on your list?





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