Style Step Up


My closet is feeling neglected. Not only that, its tired of being treated like a 20 something shopping at the 70% off rack at Target. (True story).

Its time to start working on some investment pieces and own up to the fact that I am probably not going to lose 50 lbs any time soon. I’m also really into the idea of a capsule wardrobe made out of classic staple pieces.

I’m going to let my love of neutrals drive the boat. Grey, tans and golds, black, creams and navy. If I am feeling incredibly daring I might throw in some super light pastels but they never feel 100% right. I think my biggest challenge is going to be how inconsistent my work dress code is. Overall I work in a super casual office environment. The struggle is this. A) I’m the youngest person there by about 12 years minus some brand new baby hires. B) I have been pushed into a management type position and C) Occasionally I have meetings with some pretty heavy hitters and the dress code needs to go from zero to 60. The struggle is real and I am completely against throwing money into two or three different wardrobe budgets and never being satisfied with the results. I need a game changer.

What is simper than a dress. A single piece dressed up or down by accessories. I am dying over what ASOS Curve is throwing down.

I am also leaning towards collared blouses and shirts. They can be worn with a skirt or nice jeans depending on which way the day needs to go while still looking professional.

I feel like I am going to need to stay focused to avoid anything that ends up looking too much older than I am. If they aren’t styled correctly they can look a bit matronly.

I am also learning that nothing is worse then having a professional look thrown off by a coat that I wear sledding with my kid. This one is dressed up enough and covers all of my go to colors. I almost want winter to start over.

The Coat Mynt 1792 Plaid at Nordstom

I am also starting to realize how important a good bag is. At the bar minimum, its sitting in a place at my cubical that everyone can see. Its time to move past the bag I use purely because it holds my stuff and my kids stuff. Time  for a little form AND function.

And of course there are always shoes…

With 5 kids and two dogs to get through, around and out the door in the morning I am relying heavily on flats and wedges. This doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

What are your style goals? How has your life changed the way you look at your close?



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