Cast of Characters.

My life is blessed and full with an amazing cast of characters. I could not be a luckier Lady if I tried.

I met my husband (who I affectionately refer to as Husband on a daily basis) in 2005 at the wee young age of 20. We dated for 5 years and in 2010 after much wedding (not marriage, but wedding) drama, we decided to elope. Without a question, marrying my husband is the best decision I have ever made. He is my partner in crime, my best friend and the best devils advocate. I tend to be a bit more “fly by the seat of your pants” and he is more “plan 5 years in advance”. We strike a good balance.

Husband is the most amazing Dad ever.


We had always planned on adopting at some point in our life and after 5 cycles of hormones and misery we decided to skip straight to that step and get licensed as foster parents with the intention of adopting. It was almost three years ago we made that decision and to date we have three beautiful life affirming boys and two in the wings (pending hopefully, adoption). It is a complicated process and I am sure I will share more of it with you as we go along. Other then our current total of 5 kiddos, we have had another 8 in our home. They all came with different backgrounds and stories and all of them left marks on our hearts that make us better people.

Our oldest son is M. Age 3 1/2. He is a feeler and not a morning person. Paw Patrol is the single greatest thing that ever happened to him. Rubble is his best friend. He loves everyone and gladly tells them.

Our middle son is F. Age 2 1/2. He is a huge baby. Tall and muscular. When the boys play tag he like to be the zombie. He loves helping dad in the kitchen and has an overwhelming love for cake and other baked goods.

Our youngest son R, just turned 2. The youngest two are SUPER close in age. They function like twins or a mini school of fish. They don’t like being without the other. R is wicked smart and always asks a lot of questions and regurgitates information that is constantly shocking. He thinks his baby voice and a smile will get him out of any kind of mischief and shares my affinity for the phrase “god damn it”. I know!!! Worst mother ever.

Our other two soon to be’s are 5 (boy) and 10 (girl). Love them to pieces but for now this is all you get to know. : )

denny's (2)
This was our first experience with the whole family at a restaurant for dinner. It was exactly as terrifying as you might think.


Because our house is simply not full enough we also have two pups. Lady is 9. Bandit is 2. They have all of our hearts and we couldn’t imagine life without them. Lady is our dog-ghter. She is a snuggler and her dad’s best friend. Bandit is a character. He eats everything for better or for worse but is the most patient soul for his young age.

This is my tribe and I love them to pieces.


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