Sunday Fun Day

Ok, so maybe Sunday wasn’t all fun. We have a wicked set cooties running through our house and my 3 yr. old M spiked a fever of 103.9. We got it down quickly but of course he just wasn’t feeling good. The others are on the verge I think. My husband and I are holding our breath. But onward and upward!

I still managed to clean out my closet which has turned into the place where all the kids toys get put when they are taken away. It was like Christmas all over again for them and me. Clothes I had forgotten about, toys they had forgotten about.

At the end of the weekend there is nothing better then sitting back and enjoying just being at home together. We are serial home bodies by nature and therefor really take to nesting. One of my favorite spots in our house is our front living room. It just feels like home. Especially with a glass of wine and a good book after bed time!

Front living room
Yes, the tray stays on the coffee table all the time. Moms, I am telling you! Velcro is your best friend.

Front living room 2


Where is your favorite “home” spot?



One thought on “Sunday Fun Day

  1. Dust and Dog Hair says:

    Hi, Sara! Followed you over from Kristi’s place, lol.

    To answer your question…definitely the family room at our house! Sacking out on a Sunday night watching tube with our big kiddos. For me, it’s not about the room, per se. It’s about the company. Dinners at the kitchen island are a close second.

    Hope the cooties pass quickly!

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