What I Wore Wednesday

Good Morning Ladies and Gents.

I love the idea of an ongoing “What I Wore Wednesday”. Goals are good right? lol

Once a month my job requires me to be at the office for at least 14 hours straight. Getting dressed on those days provides a unique challenge. Not only do I need to look somewhat professional, I also need to be comfortable. This is a run around and then get stuck at my desk day.

The additional challenge was five adorable kiddos running around like crazies while I was trying to get ready this morning. We were also a bit late waking up. Any time the little sleep in, mom and dad literally can not hear the alarm clock. Its some kind of psychological thing.

I’m still working on finding a place for pics with decent lighting and a good mirror. The struggle is real. lol


My dress was $10.00 at Old Navy. The sweater came from Target a year or two ago. While you cant see them, my boots at the same color as the sweater and super comfortable for the running around and keep me warm during the meetings in our basement Board Room.


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