Foot Drama


For months now I have been conveniently distracting myself from a pretty significant amount of pain on the back of my right ankle.  Not like, Hey! I stubbed my toe and I want to say cuss words pain… more like, damn that mother trucker is burning so bad it feels like something is going to snap. And yet my still slightly delusional brain was (and still is) in shock when the podiatrist told me I am at such a high risk of snapping my Achilles tendon that my foot needs to be completely immobilized for three to 12 weeks and followed up with another 12 weeks of orthotic shoes and physical therapy. Did I mention it was my birthday?

So I was immediately like this…


First excuse…. I HAVE FIVE KIDS!!!! This doctor was on point. “That is exactly why you have to keep it immobilized. You cant afford to be down for a major surgical repair of the tendon when (because it will and very soon) snap.” Well crap. Sounds like I’m gonna have to take my lumps.

So then I get home and I continue to pout because the kids are at school and I have some time to do that. And I am looking down at this god awful boot…. You know you want to see it…


And I realize, oh shit. I have nothing to wear to work that goes with the boot or the damn orthotic shoes they are trying to force me into.

Thus begins my toe tipping into the idea of athleisure wear.. Not my go to style direction but hear me out.

1) I get to wear athletic shoes with orthotic inserts that have the potential to be significantly more stylish then the alternatives.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

I mean, I loooove me some New Balance tennis shoes and theses are pretty nice to look at…

2) My office is pretty (super) casual so I could actually get away with some outfits like these which I think are super cute.


3) This is the part that is kinda ringing it in for me… uhmmm HELLO JOGGER PANTS!



So I am pretty determined to deal with this as positively as possible. Also, not gonna lie. I totally drove the scooter carts at the grocery store this weekend. *bonus.


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