It’s been a while and I feel like life is coming at me at several WTFs per hour. In times like these its always nice to step back and look at the little things I am really into at the moment.



I am blog obsessed right now. Jessica at My Style Vita is always on point. Beth at Seersucker and Saddles is my new girl crush. This woman makes everything look so. freaking. effortless.


The only thing I am actually watching these days is Paw Patrol. I KNOW. But my kids looove it and I always get good snuggles out of it. I am actually dying to start House of Cards because this Claire Underwood character appears to be amazing.

Uhm no… but teach me your ways.

Eating…  I am on a toast kick. There is almost nothing simpler. Add a little raspberry jam and I am in heaven. Really though, when is the last time you just had toast? Go do it. Right now!

Need… Now that spring is here we are opening up our patio or, our summer living room as we call it. This is really the best part of our house but the afternoon sun gets a bit intense. We tried blinds but they look messy easily and the cords are infuriating when the wind blows them around. Curtains are completely happening.


Crave… Jogger pants for work. I mean COME ON!! Sweat pants at work that are stylish and appropriate? SIGN. ME. UP. These ones at Forever 21 are currently at the top of my list.

What are you into these days?



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