so. very. tired.

This week is kinda kicking my butt.

Work has been insane. We lost two people this week and when you are a small company that creates a lot of unease. Due to our natural work flow, this is also our craziest week of the month.

All the kids have been sick. Like, majorly sick. I haven’t gotten through the night with at least three wake ups in days. I hate when they are miserable. It breaks my heart.

I’m at a work conference all next week so I am trying to get my desk as clear as possible and then Husband and I got crazy and we are taking all the kids to the ocean for a week like the day my conference ends. Sometimes I look backwards in time at my self and wonder what I was smoking. lol

Seriously though I am incredibly excited to have that time with my family where I don’t have to be distracted by work and appointment or housekeeping. Its going to be awesome.

For this weekend though I am doing some SERIOUS day dreaming about what I would like to accomplish.

Weekend Uniform
To start with I plan on donning my uniform of choice…
Follow up that business with waffles
I’m going to put a TON of effort into not doing anything productive.

And of COURSE this is what my Saturday night will include.

I fully expect my reality to be very different but I am thoroughly enjoying the dream.

What are your weekend plans?



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